Shelves & Carts

A messy, cluttered kitchen is a recipe for spills or dangerous accidents.

Proper shelving helps yours stay organized and keeps your essential supplies within easy reach, while also freeing up space for moving around and working. When paired with carts or dollies, managing your supplies will become easier than ever for both storage and transport. This will reduce the risk of spilled contents, broken items, and even risky accidents like falls, collisions, or even burns.

Shelves and carts can range anywhere from smooth plastic to wire frames, each offering its own unique advantages to cater to your specific needs. A plastic frame is often easier to clean and cheaper, meanwhile a metal one offers the extra strength for heavier items. Even among each major style, subcategories like chrome-plated aluminum or galvanized steel create even more possibilities.

No matter which type you choose, American Paper & Supply carries a wide selection of types and dimensions, and our expert team can help you find the perfect option.

Restaurant shelves and more.
Tall shelves are great for storing many items.
American paper carts options.
Utility carts make item transportation easy and organized.

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