• Our Story

  • Armed with the American dream and a GI loan for $500, Bernard Ciampi started his family business selling surplus toilet paper and mop sticks. American Paper & Supply was born. His son Pete had a successful 50 year career growing the business and securing its place as a leading food service and janitorial supply house. Pete's son, Bernie Ciampi, is the next generation ensuring that the evolution of this dynamic family-run business fits the changing needs of today's customers. We sell a full line of products and supplies, from stoves and refrigerators, to chemicals, rags and degreasers. Now with a rapidly growing customer base of over 1,500, a state-of-the-art warehouse stocking over 1,000 products, and a booming cash-and-carry retail business, American Paper & Supply is poised to become one of the largest full-line non-food suppliers in the region. And it starts with unwavering customer focus, personal attention, quality products at a great price and a family that remains dedicated, each and every day, to the same core values that Bernie embraced 67 years ago: an “American dream” come true.

  • Our Mission
    Our Mission

    American Paper & Supply strives to provide our customers with the highest quality, American-made products. In fact, our disposable paper products are manufactured right here in Pennsylvania. We support businesses that manufacture goods in America in an attempt to help support the economy and job market right here at home!